Accredited Laboratory - Pieter Andries

As a member of the American Gem Society (AGS) Pieter Andries is committed to educate and protect our clients in every aspect of our business.

The American Gem Society is dedicated to proven ethics, gemological knowledge, and consumer protection. The organization, founded in 1934, is considered the standard of excellence in the industry. Members are held to high ethical standards in the industry and are recertified annually to maintain their AGS title.
Our Accredited Gem Laboratory is certified by the American Gem Society, AGS. Only approximately 500 such labs exist in North America. In order to be accredited, the lab must possess a binocular microscope, five AGS master diamonds used for grading color, various gemological instruments essential to providing complete and accurate gemological identifications, as well as a library of gemological reference books. Pieter serves as director of our on-site laboratory.

Knowledge, reassurance, and verification within the highest ethical standards

Every diamond or gemstone in our collection has been carefully evaluated in our American Gem Society accredited gem laboratory by our certified gemologists. In addition, all of our diamonds (half carat and above) are inscribed with a number that matches its corresponding documentation.

Our strict grading standards and accurate identification means that our clients will not encounter deception in their diamond buying experience. The foundation of trust is built on knowledge, reassurance, and verification within the highest ethical standards.