Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the flat bottom on your rings?

The Euro Shank is Pieter’s signature in designing rings. It gives a more luxurious weight to your piece, and acts as a counterbalance to the top-heavy nature of rings. More metal also ensures your ring does not stretch and bend out of shape over time.

Do I have to get a Euro Shank?

No, this is YOUR ring! We do recommend and prefer the Euro Shank for our designs, but you can go with a more traditional shank as well. We do recommend for you to try it on person before making a decision.

Do you do jewelry repair on site?

Yes, we do. Please bring jewelry repair with you so we can individually inspect the items and give a proper estimate.

How long does it take to make a ring?

Once the design is approved, we can create a ring in 7-10 business days.