Selected one by one for maximum beauty and value, and evaluated in our laboratory to ensure accuracy in grading, our diamonds represent some of the finest available worldwide. Pieter Andries is committed to a straightforward approach in presentation and pricing that enables you to find the perfect diamond at an attainable price. Because up to fifty percent of the value is determined by cut alone, we use the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) software to grade the light performance (or brilliance) of every diamond. Using this software we are able to efficiently select diamonds that were cut for maximum beauty rather than to maintain a certain carat weight. Only two percent of all diamonds meet our exacting standards for cut. In addition, the partnerships we have forged with the world’s leading diamond cutters allow us to purchase these superior cut diamonds direct from the manufacturers. Every diamond in our collection has been chosen to ensure that regardless of your financial comfort zone, you will see the difference. 

Pieter Andries