Design Process

At Pieter Andries, the design process is a collaborative effort. Your ideas and specifications, combined with our jewelry making expertise come together to create a one of a kind jewel that will be treasured for generations. Nothing is mass produced; each piece is crafted one by one.

The process is as follows:

At your convenience, bring in your idea, heirloom jewel, out-dated wedding set, loose diamond, or gemstone.

If your existing stone is to be used in the design, a gemologist will carefully evaluate what you have and document its description before it is taken into our possession. This is for your peace of mind as well as for the insurance coverage we provide while it is in our care.

The designer will listen to your specifications and will make recommendations based on the style or look you want to achieve.

Once the specifics are determined we will give you an estimate for the materials and labor required to complete the piece. We will also show you technical drawings and renderings to help you visualize what the finished piece will look like. Also at this time we will be happy to give you a tour of our manufacturing facility to see how your piece will be made, and answer any questions you may have.

If you approve the estimate, we will begin production on your piece. We can also make changes to the design and/or materials to accommodate your financial comfort zone if necessary. 
In approximately two weeks, after passing strict quality controls, the finished piece is ready for you to enjoy or to present to your loved one. 

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